Bill's identifications of some of Dad's slides

Barbara Sullivan's ancestors and siblings. Her mother Katherine was a Hickey., before being a Knowlton.

Bill's identifications of some of Dad's slides

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At some point I may have more on these and the printed ("Galleria") pictures. For now, from my brother, Bill, there is this that he just sent to our new-found cousin, Nicole:


Here’s a little information about one of the slide shows:

Just to let you know, when you don’t see all of us together, Bill (me) is/was a redhead, as was Mike ( red hair with glasses), and you might be able to figure out our names by our birth order (Mike, Chris, Clare, Danny, Billy, Jenny) some of the oldest pictures show Mike, the oldest with his younger siblings, and some, in England, etc., may, for instance show Clare, Dan, Bill, Jenny, or Danny, Billy, Jenny. In, for instance, some camping pictures, you might see Mike, with Billy as a toddler. Some in England might show Danny, Billy and Jenny, and maybe Clare, or in 1968 when we were all younger, we were all there. A few of the slides show Grandma Knowlton sitting on a bench on a ruined manor/castle grounds, sitting next to mom who was watching Dan and I playing on the grounds, in 1968. At 1:39, there’s a picture of my great Grandma Cuson (sp?) (Hickey), Grandma Knowlton, Aunt Ann, and one of Aunt Ann’s kids, maybe Peter. I’m fairly sure that the baby at 4:03 is me. At 4:42, that would be Mike, Chris, Clare and Danny. At 4:28, Mike, Clare, Danny and Billy are praying with Mom over Chris buried in the sand. Mike as a cub scout, Clare in a glamor pose on a beach, mom making a sandcastle, me in my overalls, all around 7 minutes, 0 seconds. Billy (5 years old) and Jenny (probably 8 months?) in front of our house 8:29; Billy with Raggedy Ann doll, with Danny and Clare; my grandpa Knowlton’s (Henry’s father) tombstone; Mike, Chris, Clare, Danny and Billy at Greenfield Village (Henry Ford’s museum grounds); Mom and Grandma Knowltion in front of the ruined manor (Minster Lovell) in 1967 or 1968 at 11:30; New York harbor with Empire State building, while you could still see so much of it from the Hudson River; we look out to the Statue of Liberty on our way to England in 1967; Mom in a glamor pose, at Oberlin College, I think at 14:48; mom and dad having a pint at 15:27. We were often climbing hills and rocks, etc., to get better views of the countryside. One of our favorite places, to which we returned at least twice, was Inversnaid, a hotel and a waterfall on the shore of Loch Lomond. You can see Dan and I and Mom watching us as we climbed the rocks up next to the falls at 18:15, then in the next few pictures, dad had gone, up the stairway next to the falls, I believe, to take a picture of the lake below the falls, behind the hotel (18:37); at 19:17, that’s me (with long red hair) walking up a hill, a way behind everyone else, afraid if I get to the top of the hill, there will be a cliff on the other side, from which I will get blown off (or at least blown off the top of the hill). By 19:45, we had made it to the top; and by 19:55 I felt safe. That‘s probably heather that Jenny is picking. At 21:04, Mom, Billy and Jenny are on the Scotland side of the border with England, the sign signifying that you are entering England. At 21:51, mom, Jenny, Billy and Danny are enjoying a drink at a pub, circa 1973; It ends with Mom and Dad’s trip to Paris in 1974, and Jenny and eye on Guy Fawkes day in 1974. Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up the English Parliament in 1605. Instead of masquerading on Halloween, on November 5, in England, we build a bonfire and burn him in effigy. In advance of that, we went (at least in 1967) going to neighbors collecting “penny for the Guy”.

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